Traveling with Electronics : The Way Forward


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When I started "Traveling with Electronics" on 5/25/11, to share information about using technology in performance I made a choice to post once a month and keep it consistent and for the most part I've been able to do that for the past eight years but sometimes life hits you up side the head and you have to stay down until you can see the way forward. My last post Rise of the Hybrids was in February and for at least the next few months posts will be sporadic until I get back on my feet again. I do have a couple of things to share with you at this point in time so lets get started.

One of the big hits at NAMM this year was the MICROFREAK by Arturia

Here's an interesting grab & go iPad / microfreak set-up that uses just one AC to power everything, keeps the iPad charged and lets you add FX to the FREAK!
audio out of the micro freak is going into the “don’t ever travel without it”
Behringer U-Control UCA202 USB Audio Interface | Sweetwater
the UCA202 is going into an un-powered USB hub
USB from the microfreak is also going into the hub
the output of the hub is going into a lightning to USB 3 adapter along
with a standard USB to lightning charger cable (the only AC in the rig)
the iPad stays charged
both the freak and the 202 are powered via USB
audio and midi from the freak get into the iPad
you monitor the final audio out through the 202


The MICROFREAK is a unique little hybrid synth with a capacitive keybed, flexible arpeggiator / sequencer and a very impressive thirty-five point modulation matrix.


Here is one of the more in-depth reviews of this versatile hybrid synthesizer


 SAMPLR : Audio Recording Broken in iOS 12 : but only on new iPads ?!?!


As Apple ramps up for the yearly iOS 13 makeover many hard-core sonic renegades are already concerned about the havoc that iOS 12 caused with beloved apps like SAMPLR not being able to record audio. I was in contact with Marcos Alonso and he is working on a fix for the problem but a release date has not been determined yet.

The way I understand the problem:
- iOS 12 changed the way apps request access to the microphone. Apps need a short text describing what the audio is going to be used for.
- If a user used Samplr on an iPad before iOS 12 the access to the microphone is granted and works even if they update to iOS 12.
- New app installs on iOS 12 can't get access to the microphone. This is why it affects mostly new iPads that didn't run Samplr on an iOS prior to 12.


That is going to be it for this post and I'll be back when I have something to share

until next travels.....dino