Traveling With Electronics : Rise of the Hybrids : Winter NAMM 2019


.....and the return of knob per function



I know.....I closed the last post sayin' we'd take a good long look at APHELIAN the sequencer app this month : LINK : but Winter NAMM 2019 Bum-rushed the show!


I have never gone to NAMM but I do follow it on-line - here is what caught my eye. 

CHASE BLISS AUDIO : PREAMP MKII (with automated mechanical faders)



AKAI PRO FORCE : (Ableton & MPC come together in a big ass box)

Arguably the biggest on-line buzz generated at NAMM - Lots of Flash!

Until I can read the manual to answer some basic questions.....no comment. 

Check back later for updates * 2/1/19 the most indepth video coverage so far *





The thing that made early synthesizers so seductive was the tactile nature of the interface, you turned a knob and heard a result - knob per function. I think that this also accounts for the recent revival of analogue & modular among younger players.


knob per function was evident even with the masters of the convoluted work flow


ELEKTRON Model Sample : (even Elektron is embracing knob per function)



Along with the return of knob per function another clear trend is the rise of the hybrid synthesizer, combining multiple synth engines in a single machine (any combination of additive, analog, digital, FM, modeling, granular, sampling, wavetable - with cross modulation and all sent through an analogue filter). Add to that open source virtual modular and you can see the potential for allot of future activity with hybrid synths.



WALDORF QUANTUM : (Waldorf's beautiful high end 8 voice hybrid $4K)




SEQUENTIAL PROPHET X : (Dave Smith's 8 voice hybrid masterpiece $4K)




KORG MINILOGUE XD : (a super powerful 4 voice hybrid for everyone $620)




ARTURIA MICRO FREAK : (a paraphonic usb powered mobile hybrid $300)




SYNCLAVIER GO : (yes it's true, a synclavier on your iPad for $30 bucks) 


Back in the day this (hybrid) synthesizer could set you back as much as $250K 

So lets wrap it all up with an example of what the late maestro Frank Zappa was doing with the Synclavier at the end of his musical journey.....safe travels.....dino