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The Out Of Context Ensemble was founded by Dino J.A. Deane in 1997. Deane had been doing live-sampling in ensembles led by Butch Morris for 12 years (Conduction #3 Goya Time 1985 NYC). Conduction is a vocabulary of signs and gestures transmitted by a conductor to an orchestra providing instantaneous possibilities for altering or initiating harmony, melody, rhythm, articulation, phrasing or form. Deane’s goal in forming OOC was to have no goal. His intention was to work with an ensemble slowly over time allowing them to develop a deep understanding and skill with this revolutionary way of creating music. He also wanted to incorporate an actor to explore the use of text for both rhythmic and narrative possibilities. Over the course of 15 years Out Of Conext has performed a real-time score to the classic 1932 silent film “Peter Pan”, performed a concert at the Georgia O’Keeffe museum playing the photographs of Edward Weston, performed a concert at the Outpost Performance Space playing the book 1” = 25 Miles by Sumner Carnahan, recorded a score for the film The Burden Carriers by Pierre Barrera, and created a sound design for Theater Grottesco’s play Wenomadmen. OOC has also released 4 critically acclaimed recordings.


STORM February 2012 Santa Fe New Mexico

STORM is a play about environment and a journey into the social paradigms that prevent the world from taking action.

A breath-taking ride that audiences and artists take together into unknown artistic form.


When I started Out of Context I wanted to employ the form of musical organization called Conduction with actors to create a more non linear form of story telling. A form where the delineation between the good guys and the bad guys, between the happy ending and the tragedy was much less defined from a single point of view and much more open to the experience of the viewer.


The information we are presenting in STORM is not easy and nowhere is there a clear answer to the challenges facing us all as physical beings living on this planet.

My hope is that experiencing the information presented in STORM (information that is all around us) will engender change, no matter how subtle no matter how small. The only thing that any of us can really change is our minds. I believe it was Gandhi who said "anyone who thinks they are too small to effect a change has never been in bed with a mosquito".

dino j.a. deane


1997 / 2012 - Out Of Context was going to be a one off project to allow me to experience conducting - specifically conducting the vocabulary of "Conduction", which I had been doing as a musician for about 12 years with Butch Morris - and to try using an actor in a Conduction ensemble. I put together two groups and set up February concerts, in San Francisco/Oakland & Santa Fe/Albuquerque. My dear friend and long time collaborator Joseph Sabella (who lived in the Bay Area), performed in both groups.


Joseph Sabella - drums

Sean San Jose Blackman - acting

Deb Craig - drums

Neil Kaku - acoustic bass

Damon Smith - acoustic bass

Miguel Frasconi - sampler

Terry Rolleri - electric guitar, electronics


Joseph Sabella - drums

Rod Harrison - acting

Tom Guralnick - soprano sax, electronics

Mark Weaver - tuba

Courtney Smith - harp

Stefan Dill - acoustic guitar

Alicia Ultan - viola


After the New Mexico concerts I was ready to step back and reflect on the experience but the musicians in the ensemble wanted to continue working with Conduction, so we decided to do one session a month - and OOC took on a life of it's own. It is now 15 years, numerous concerts and 4 critically acclaimed CD's later. This is the list of amazing musicians and actors who I have had the honor of collaborating with during this time.

Joseph Sabella - drums, vibes, wavedrum, ipad, electronics

Rod Harrison - acting

Tom Guralnick - soprano sax, electronics

Mark Weaver - tuba

Courtney Smith - harp

Stefan Dill - acoustic & electric guitars, oud, electronics

Alicia Ultan - viola

Steve Feld - euphonium, bass & contra-bass trombones

Jefferson Voorhees - drums, percussion, tabla, pakhawaj

Katie Harlow - cello, accordion

C.K. Barlow - sampler, live-sampling

Jo Chavez - kanun

John Flax - acting

Molly Sturges - voice, accordion

Ava Mendoza - acoustic & electric guitars, electronics

Sam Rhodes - bassoon, soprano sax, voice

Jon Baldwin - cornet

Carlos Santistevan - acoustic & electric upright bass, electronics

Matt Deason - electric bass, electronics

Bonnie Schmader - flutes

John Gustafson - oboe

Milton Villarrubia - sampler, percussion, drums, electronics

Ross Hamlin - acoustic & electric guitars, electronics

Paul Bossert - trombone

Deirdre Morris - acting

Lee Reed - acting




Old School Zerox Flyer - OOC's second concert in 1997