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Mr. Deane adjusted his electronics with the glee of a villain in a

science fiction epic  and raised his trombone as if it were a weapon"

"He could have been a sorcerer"

 The New York Times


”Circuitry in the service of aesthetics”

 Interview Magazine

”When Deane orchestrates a series of feedback loops

the result is beautiful, driving and mercurial”

THE Magazine



Link to Article http://www.guitarmoderne.com/artists/spotlight-instant-takemitsu 





Over a career spanning four decades multi-instrumentalist, sound-designer, conductor Dino J.A. Deane has demonstrated a unique and innovative approach to the world of music. Deane pioneered the use of live-electronics in Indoor Life a popular art/punk band from San Francisco during the early 1980's. There he played trombone controlled synthesizer that emulated the sound of an electric guitar and employed a tape-echo to create in the moment loops. Soon afterwards he was touring the world as the electro-acoustic live-sampling percussionist with Jon Hassell. That collaboration resulted in the ground breaking Power Spot recording for ECM in 1986, produced by Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois. During that same period Deane became a close collaborator in Butch Morris's real-time composition creations called Conductions and in 1995 co-produced Morris's epic 10 CD box set Testament for New World Records. Deane coined the term live-sampling, which means to record members of the ensemble while in performance, manipulate the sound and play back the recorded audio as part of the piece, all in real time. He is considered a master in this field of performance. Deane has an extensive background in composition for modern dance having created over fifty dance/music works with his partner, dancer choreographer Colleen Mulvihill. He has an equally long history creating sound designs for dramatic theater, working with writer directors as diverse as Sam Shepard, Julie Hebert, Christoph Marthaler and John Flax of Theater Grottesco. Dino is sought after by music festivals, instrumental ensembles, spoken word artists, film makers, theater companies and conservatories worldwide for performances, projects and workshops. 




RECORDINGS - Dino J.A. Deane - (1995-2011)

2011 - Without Desires

Flesh Isn't Real Dirt

2008 - The Webster Cycles

2006 - Taiji Pole

2002 - Hex

2000 - These Times

Grand Cross Eclipse 

1999 - SoloDino

1995 - Nomad


CONCERTS - Dino J.A. Deane - (1988-2012)

2012 - SoLoDiNo, AHA Festival, Santa Fe 

Black Iron Trio, High Mayhem, Santa Fe

Instant Takemitsu, 1K Sessions & East Coast Tour

2011 - SoLoDiNo, Warehouse 21, Santa Fe

DJ-DUO, The Roost & KUNM

2010 - SoLoDiNo, Chapel Performance Space, Seattle

Deane & Dunn, Santa Fe Complex

2009 - SoLoDiNo, High Mayhem, Santa Fe

Live re-mix @ Punkt Festival, Norway

2006 - DinoDuos, The Stone, NYC

2005 - Taiji Pole, High Mayhem Festival, Santa Fe

1999 - SoloDino, Composers Symposium UNM

1998 - SoloDino, Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe

1997 - Deane & Melford, Henry Cowell Festival, Cal State Berkeley

1995 - SoloDino, NYC, Albuquerque, San Francisco

1988 - These Times, ICA Boston


DANCE/MUSIC WORKS with Colleen Mulvihill - (1982-2000)

2000 - Lizard, Albuquerque

1998 - 7 Gates, Santa Fe

1997 - Retrospective, Santa Fe

1994 - Sunken Cathedrals, San Francisco

1993 - Solid Longing, with City Contemporary Dance Co, Hong Kong

1992 - Interiors*, Edge Festival, San Francisco 

*Isadora Duncan Award Outstanding Musical Score

1991 - Interiors, Santa Fe & Oakland

1990 - Ring of Changes, San Francisco

1989 - Dark Lullaby, Santa Fe 

1988 - Conversation, San Francisco

1987 - The Bride, San Francisco

1986 - H.T.M.H.M, NYC & San Francisco

1985 - Dream Vendor, Kunstmuseum Basel

1984 - First Figure, with Margaret Jenkins Dance Co, US Tour

1983 - Echo Loop, NYC

1982 - Memory Track, NYC & San Francisco


RECORDINGS with Out Of Context (OOC) - (1999-2006) 

2006 - WeNoMadMen

2005 - 1" = 25 Miles

2001 - Never Never Land 

1999 - Live at the Outpost


CONCERTS & PROJECTS with OOC & Dino conducting other ensembles - (1997-2012)

2012 - Outpost, Albuquerque - OOC concert (with special guest Myra Melford - piano)

The Stone, NYC, conducting the Stone Ensemble (curated by Butch Morris)

Kimmel Center, Philly, conducting students from the creative music program

2011 - Outpost, Albuquerque,  Echo-Locution, conducting an ensemble of poets & percussion

Punkt Festival, Norway, conducting students from the University of Agder

2010 - High Mayhem, Santa Fe - OOC Memorial Concert for Sam Rhodes 

Punkt Festival, Norway, conducting students from the University of Agder 

2006 - High Mayhem Festival @ Wisefool, Santa Fe - OOC concert

OOC - recorded score for the film The Burden Carriers

OOC - recorded score for the play Wenomadmen

2004 - Outpost, Albuquerque, OOC plays the book 1"=25 Miles by M. Carnahan

Santa Fe New Music Festival @ Lensic, conducting the Circle Percussion Ensemble

2003 - High Mayhem Festival @ CCA, Santa Fe - OOC concert

2002 - Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, OOC plays the photographs of Edward Weston

1999 - Taos Film Festival, OOC plays a live score to Peter Pan 1932

1997 - Outpost, Albuquerque, OOC plays 1st concert


SOUND DESIGNS for Theater - (1983-2012)

2012 - STORM, Theater Grottesco & OOC, @ Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe

2010 - OM, Theater Grottesco, Santa Fe

2009 - The Richest Dead Man Alive, Theater Grottesco, Sante Fe

2008 - 12th Night, Theater Grottesco, @ Santa Fe Opera

2007 - Fortune, Theater Grottesco, Santa Fe

2006 - WENOMADMEN, Theater Grottesco, Santa Fe

Try Being Alive in THIS World, Burning Books Installation, College of Santa Fe

2003 - Keyholes, Theater Grottesco, Santa Fe

2001 - This is Life as We Know It, Theater Grottesco, Santa Fe

2000 - Shorts, Theater Grottesco, Santa Fe  

1999 - Simpatico, Compo Santo, San Francisco

1998 - The Angels' Cradle, Theater Grottesco, US Tour

A Question of Mercy, Magic Theater, San Francisco

1997 - Dillinger, KUNM

1996 - Pieces of the Quilt, Magic Theater, San Francisco

Waiting at the Waters Edge*, Magic Theater, San Francisco

*Theatre Critics Nomination Outstanding Sound Design

1995 - The Sirens, Magic Theater, San Francisco

Firmament, La Mama, NYC

1994 - Sucht/Lust, Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg 

Tongues/Savage Love*, Magic Theater, San Francisco

*Theatre Critics Award Outstanding Musical Score

1991 - States of Shock, American Place Theatre, NYC

1990 - Greek*, Magic Theatre, San Francisco

*Theatre Critics Nomination Outstanding Sound Design

1989 - The Promise, Magic Theater, San Francisco

1988 - Pickup Axe*, Eureka Theater, San Francisco

*Theatre Critics Nomination Outstanding Sound Design

1987 - True Beauties*, Magic Theatre, San Francisco

*Drama-Logue Award Outstanding Sound Design

1984 - Fool For Love*, Circle Rep, NYC

*Obie Award Best Production

1983 - Fool for Love*, Magic Theatre, San Francisco

*Theatre Critics Nomination Outstanding Sound Design


RECORDINGS with Butch Morris - (1986-2011)

2011 - Verona 2CD set

2007 - Conduction/Induction 2CD set

2000 - Interflight

1999 - Holy Sea 2CD set 

1996 - Burning Cloud

1995 - Testament 10CD box 

1991 - Dust to Dust


1987 - Homeing  

1986 - Trios


CONCERTS with Butch Morris - (1985-2009)

2009 - Nublu 12, (conduction #186), Lisbon

Folding Space, Angelica Festival, Lugo & Modena 

2008 - Nublu, NYC, Rome, Bergamo

2003 - Sheng, Venice Biennale

2001 - Conduction, NYC & Lisbon 

2000 - Conduction, Istanbul & Madrid

1998 - Holy Ghost, NYC

1996 - Orchestra Della Toscana, Florence

1995 - Skyscraper, Verona

1994 - Excesstet, Hamburg

The Cloth, Verona

1993 - Trio, FMP Festival, Berlin

Freuds Garden, Munich

1992 - Conduction, NYC, Istanbul, Montreal, Kassel

1991 - Vanguard Band, NYC, Saalfelden 

1990 - Trio, Audio Box Festival, Matera

X-Communication, FMP Festival, Berlin

1989 - Trio, Vancouver

X-Communication, Nickelsdorf  

Conduction, Whitney Museum, NYC

1988 - Trio, Euro Tour

X-Communication, Euro Tour

1987 - Homing FMP Festival, Berlin

1986 - Trio ARS Electronica, Linz

1985 - Goya Time, (conduction #3), NYC



RECORDINGS with John Zorn

1987 - Cobra 2CD set


RECORDINGS with Jon Hassell - (1986-2009) 

2009 - Last Night The Moon Came

1988 - Flash of the Spirit 

1987 - Surgeon of the Night Sky 

1986 - Power Spot


CONCERTS with Jon Hassell - (1982-2009)

2009 - U.S. Tour & Sydney Opera House, Luminous Festival

2008 - Euro Tour 

1988 - Tours of Europe & Japan w Farafina

1987 - Euro Tour w Farafina

1986 - Tours of Europe & U.S.

1985 - Euro Tour

1983 - Tours of Europe & Japan

1982 - Tours of Europe & U.S.


RECORDINGS with Indoor Life

1985 - Indoor Life III

1983 - Indoor Life II

1980 - Indoor Life I


CONCERTS with Indoor Life

1982 - San Francisco, NYC, Tour of France

1981 - San Francisco, NYC, Tour of France


RECORDINGS with Ike & Tina Turner

1973 - Nutbush City Limits   



SoLoDiNo @ W21 (Santa Fe 6/10/11)

He lights fires. He puts them out. He doesn't do weddings. He won't dance. He takes his instrument into his hands, as an attenuator of raw power. He succeeds. All the particles come together. In perfect unpredictable command of the heuristic process. Art is expression. No other way to make such dizzying overlaps of layered waves of sound-shale seem so gaspingly interesting. Okay, he uses some electronic purolator filter piston engine-ing, but that's okay. Mostly it all occurs in real time, which, thankfully, has only a slight connection to the mental arena we each inhabit in our so-called personal life. We get to take a ride, go outside, hide, connect, exit our own containers, while hearing, or let's say experiencing. This is blessedly right.

 --Melody Sumner Carnahan, 2011


2006 - TAIJI POLE - (highmayhem)

Dino J.A. Deane - vertical flute, electronics, live-looping

Carlos Santistevan - verticle bass, electronics, live-looping

Matt Deason - horizontal bass, electronics, live-looping 

"Indigenous music from the Pleiades" 

"A seamless journey through uncountable phases and facets of breathtaking intensity" 

Peter Breslin


2005 - OUT OF CONTEXT PLAYS 1" = 25 MILES - (burning books/highmayhem)

story collection written by Sumner Carnahan  

J.A. Deane conducts the Out of Context ensemble

"Rich and Luminous"

"The work is suffused with an authentic freshness and lyricism"

"The texts themselves are rarely in the foreground, their imagery works into the music at a deeper level"

"Deane's handling of the ensemble is nothing short of masterly"



2002 - HEX - (zerx 044)

J.A. Deane - acoustic & electric trombones, bass-flute,

shakuhachi, bass drum, sampler, live-sampling

Myra Melford - pianos 

Joseph Sabella - drums

"If a recording is to be judged by how well it bears repeated listening, then HEX is a gem" 

"The dizzying sound world Deane creates envelops the players within it"

"His gift is electronics and his sound creation steals the show"

"Deane is working the big picture here"

Signal to Noise


2001 - NEVER NEVER LAND - (zerx 032)

J.A. Deane conducts the Out of Context ensemble - playing the 1932 film Peter Pan 

"The entire recording is a wondrous musical experience"

"The music flies on high with lightness and fragility, 

spiraling upward in intensity to match the magical scenarios of the film"

"An airy and delicious blending of sounds that captures the lightness of the flying scenes 

and the dense drama of the unfolding tale we all loved as children"



2000 - GRAND CROSS ECLIPSE - (zerx 024)

J.A. Deane - trombone, electronics, standing waves, bass-flute  

Al Faaet - drums, framedrum, percussion

"Vast and mind-blowing"

"As immense and at times as intimidating as the desert landscape"

"Music as epic as this should be blasted on a speaker system surrounded 

by two billion year old rocks at the bottom of the Grand Canyon"



2000 - THESE TIMES - (zerx 028) 

Live at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston '88

J.A. Deane trombone/electronics, multiple drum machines

Bill Frisell - electric guitar 

Terry Rolleri - electric guitar

"This recording demonstrates how strong Deane's music-making concepts really are"



1995 - NOMAD - (Les Disques VICTO - 035)

J.A. Deane - trombone, bass-flute, lapsteel guitar, percussion, sampler

"Deane mixes unlike sonic textures together in a way that gives life to something entirely different

something you've never heard before"

Vanishing Point