Traveling With Electronics : SpaceMorph / MPE mind has been blown up...jason kao hwang




What is MPE? ...If you aren't hip to it will be soon! 

MPE a method of using midi which enables multidimensional
controllers to control multiple parameters of every note within
MPE compatible software and that's what we're looking at in
this DinoBlog. Instances of BLUE text are links to deep dive
information - feel free to follow them and do the deep dive. 


I was invited by HIGH ZERO to play the opening concert of
the second run of their series The Red Room in Your Room.



The real time improvisation I played was my first MPE set.

Here is the breakdown of the instument I created for my set.


  • iPAD


AUM - hosting two instances of SPACECRAFT each of the
blue screens holds a unique two minute audio file.

Audio from each screen is routed to the input of the other.
The pink screens are streaming that audio creating a
pitch/time variable cross looper over the arc of the piece.


  • SENSEL MORPH (thunder overlay)
 MORPH is sending note, vol, pitch bend, location, duration
modulation information to both of the blue screens in
spacecraft - allowing me to play the acoustic audio files with
the nuanced musical expression of an acoustic instrument.  

  • MPC-Live
Each pad (16 x 8 = 128) holds a twenty second sample.
Audio from the iPad is routed through the MPC and can
be captured in the looper. The MPC is the final output.
I'm sure you've got it all figured out by now, so please
follow along with the video of my Live Red Room Set!
...come on...sing know the words! 
The video was shot on a MEVO START - zooming, panning
and color correction was done in LUMAFUSION in post.
created - performed - recorded at sonic sanity
until next (interior) travels...dino
***Coming in mid February my new BandCamp site where
you can purchase my new book and new solo recordings.