Traveling With Electronics : Modern-Midi

MIDI.....Musical Instrument

Digital Interface


This month we're looking at modern-midi

 Lets go to the origin story with Dave Smith 


If you have ever used midi in your rig you know the story.

Midi is very useful for connecting gear & a pain in the ass.

There are always issues setting it up but then it's great.


These days we have the addition of USB midi & sophisticated

effects pedals from SourceAudio, Chase Bliss & Red Panda to

name just a few, so guitar players are now grappling with midi.


This has created a need for pedal friendly tools



My adventures with a dawless modern-midi rig involves

AKAI MPC-LIVE running the 2.8 FIRMWARE 

(mpc is a beast of a sound design instrument)


(microfreak should be used to teach synthesizer flow)


(eq2 is a powerful sound shaper & a perfect fit for the korg)


MPC is acting as midi host for the other 3 units

Tracks 1 & 2 each hold the same program - 128 (20 sec loops)

Track 3 holds a program for live sampling (via the looper)

Track 4 holds an internal plugin program called electric

Track 5 holds a midi program for the microfreak

Track 6 holds a midi program for the nano/eq2

Track 1 samples are played from the MPC pads

Microfreak audio is coming through the MPC inputs

Microfreak midi is sent to track 4

(track 4 is passed to track 5 & 5 is passed to track 2)


Yes...It took a minute to set up...but well worth it!


***9/19/20 UPDATE*** Two more very intriguing guitar/synth

modern-midi reverb pedals : EVENTIDE : STRYMON : 


***9/22/20 UPDATE*** iOS world  

PSA - iOS 14 is breaking allot of music apps

I say this every year : TURN OFF AUTO UPDATES 


Ice Gear (who make great synth apps) has just

released a great AUV3 delay : YUKAWA 


Virsyn (who also make great apps) has just

released a morphing additive synth : ADDSTATION :


        (new shit has come to light man)



I'm leaving you with allot of music for lockdown listening.

My adventures with guitarist Farrell Lowe 2017 - 2019.

1 the way it's supposed

2 circle within circles

3 space dock

4 untraceable source

5 sky river

6 miracle eater

7 one eyed jacks

8 for the time being

9 k+k shell

10 thought leader

11 power conditioner

12 karl und karl

13 winter grass

14 farewell cassini

15 penumbra

16 mirages

17 quill

18 trident

until next time then...

safe travels if you must

...wear a mask...dino