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It is 5/26/11 (miles' birthday) my website is up and WITHOUT DESIRES & FLESH ISN'T REAL DIRT are both available from downloads now.

I want to thank my dear friend Cookie Marenco for making this happen and thanks to Patrick O'Connor for the cool web design.

Thanks to the photographers responsible for all of the images on the site : Mark Weber, Michael Sumner, Al Faaet, Andrea Hicks and Peter Freeman.

The Dino Newsletter (don't forget to sign up before you go) is going to take care of concert, touring and project announcements and @dodgingnotion is going to be a good information link as well. My intention for the blog is to post more hands on tech information for fellow electro-acoustic artists.

So, take a look around (check out the Backstory on the About page), drop your e-mail in the subscribe box and drop me an e-mail on the Links page.