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I am going to jump right in this month with eight new recordings, from two recent concerts in November & December, which wrapped up my adventures for 2018.


    THE FLUX CONDUCTION - The FluxCrew Live at the Pine Street Church  


The Flux Crew is a sixteen piece electro-acoustic chamber ensemble that engages in real-time collaborative composition. The ensemble is made up of outstanding musicians, from diverse musical backgrounds, who are adept at Conduction.

Conduction® : The practice of conveying and interpreting a lexicon of directives to construct sonic arrangement or composition; a structure-content exchange between conductor / instrumentalist that provides immediate possibilities to alter or initiate harmony, melody, rhythm, tempo, progression, articulation, phrasing or form by manipulating pitch, dynamics, timbre, duration, silence, & organization in real-time”. 

The Musicians are responsible for providing content. The Conductor is responsible for providing structure. Musical form reveals itself to everyone (conductor, musicians, listeners) as it unfolds in the moment. We've been exploring every month for 3 years.







                                            OF BRASS & BREATH                                               


         Miles Davis                        Lee Morgan                    Freddie Hubbard         

Growing up as a trombone player I was captivated by 3 amazing trumpet players and as the years went on I've had the good fortune to record with some amazing players.


         Jon Hassell                       Butch Morris                Stephanie Richards     

            POWER SPOT                              BURNING CLOUD                               FULLMOON                 


In 2018 I had the great pleasure to play two concerts with Ron Miles, through my collaboration with guitarist Farrell Lowe, my musical cousin from another planet. 


Farrell played in Ron's "Electric Band" 1992-2001 and is on MY CRUEL HEART


SKY RIVER - J.A. Deane - samplers : Farrell Lowe - guitar : Ron Miles - cornet music 



      ***THIS JUST IN***  : The much anticipated release of : APHELIAN :    


 Next month, we'll be taking a good long look at this very interesting app!


until next month travels.....dino

 NEW FOR 2019 - Play-Lists 

1- STUDIO TAN (Design / Construction)

2- SoLoDiNo (just me)

3- ENSEMBLE (duos, trios, small groups)

4- CONDUCTION (large ensembles)

5- TEXT (Vox Humana)

6- EDUCATION (Interviews / How-Tos)