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Traveling with Electronics : Preaching to the Guitar Choir 

Don't let them get comfortable, push them, we've

got to move this music forward.....Butch Morris



Butch told me that during our final conversation. I was telling him, that after 15 years conducting Out Of Context ( ), my mixed - acoustic / electric Conduction Ensemble, I was going to change up the instrumentation and do an Electric Guitar Choir (you can find the back story here ). 6 Electric Guitarists 2 Electric Percussionists 1 Conductor. The sonic resources of the electric guitar combined with the real-time compositional fluidity of Conduction is Pure Magic. I anticipate by the end of 2013 (when we come out of the shed), the Out Of Context Electric Guitar Choir will take your head off. 



Joseph Sabella (left) played drums & vibes in OOC and is playing WaveDrum & AniMoog on ipad in the Choir. Milton Villarrubia (right) played drums & sampler in OOC and is playing Percussion Sampler in the Choir. This is the percussion section for the ensemble.



New to the OOC Choir are Sean Buckley (left) and Alex Neville (right) on Electric Guitars. 



Carlos Santistevan (left) played contrabass in OOC and is on Electric Guitar in the Choir. New to the OOC Choir (another bass player) Jeremy Bleich (right) on Electric Guitar.  



New to the OOC Choir, Doug Wooldridge (left) on Electric Guitar and Ross Hamlin (right) who also played Electric Guitar in OOC.  



wei wu wei 

I hope to play some LapSteel in the OOC Choir.....but for now I have my hands full Conducting. 






On Thursday May 9th & Saturday May 11th : I will be performing up in Seattle Washington

5/9 - 8pm at the Josaphine

I will be playing LapSteel (SoLoDiNo) - sharing an evening of solos and duets with my friend and musical cohort Matt Deason aka Fastbacker (Matt played in OOC and in my trio Taiji Pole).  

5/11 - 8pm at the beautiful Chapel Performance Space : as part of the Wayward Music Series

I will be conducting - sharing an evening of Conduction with my friend and musical cohort Wayne Horvitz (we played together in Butch Morris' Trio for about six years back in the day).   We will each do a set - conducting the Royal Room Collective Music Ensemble.  

If you are in the area, please come out to see these shows - if you know someone in the area, please forward this to them - support live music - watching a video doesn't even come close.


Last months DinoBlog (review of the ZOOM MS50G) - Reposted by Guitar Moderne :  


I'm going to leave you with a teaser video :  Next month for all you audiophiles out there

I'll have a tech heavy run down of the BLACK IRON TRIO : SANCTUARY recording session

captured (HiRes) by master location recordist David Dunn at the acoustically rich Christ Church


Until next month then

safe travels.....dino