Traveling with Electronics: Embracing the Chaos Part 3

Darkness Within Darkness.....The Gateway To All Understanding.



As promised in last months DinoBlog I have a couple of videos to share with you. The first is an excerpt from my first live video set as VJ BLIND. The event called Loud Louder Loudest took place at High Mayhem in Santa Fe New Mexico - http://highmayhem.org/event-details/event/fall-series-week-4 - four bands, three of them with visuals. I provided the visuals for THE LATE SEVERA WIRES.


The WIRES are an extremely intense noise band featuring DJ Ultraviolet - turntables and guitars, Mike Rowland - drums, Yozo Suzuki - guitars, Carlos Santistevan - basses. I Love These Guys! The entire evening was great and the Wires performed at full intensity which I used by taking an audio feed from the band and routing it as a control source to manipulate several animation parameters in MODUL8. (scroll down to the BLUWIRES video)


The next video is directly related to the upcoming production called STORM. My good friends at Burning Books -  http://www.burningbooks.org/ - Michael Sumner and Melody Sumner Carnahan created seventy-six cards with drawings and text drawn from the script, which in there own way address some of the social paradigms that prevent the world from taking action on the issue of climate change.


During the live production, the cards will be projected both as stills and in the form of live motion graphics in MODUL8, as demonstrated in the second video using music performed by OUT OF CONTEXT. (scroll down to the STORMCARDS video)

Next month we'll meet all the members of the Out of Context ensemble.....until then

 Safe Travels.....dino