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Traveling with Electronics : November & December 2013


Solos and Conductions - Santa Fe and UC Berkeley





December Update - Since this is a two month posting I have added a few new things (*** this will mark the new additions) 


I have four more concerts this year and if you are in the area I sincerely hope that you will come out and experience some live music. I also hope you will forward this information on to your friends as well - please support live music whenever you can. 


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Saturday November 2nd - High Mayhem - Santa Fe NM - 7:30 PM - SoLoDiNo

Dino J.A. Deane - Lapsteel Dulcimer & Samplr - music completely in the moment

INFO :  Fall Series- Night 1-SoLoDiNo, Aunt Cackle and the Coleslaw King, Grove of Baal, The Product Division. Hosted by Rod Harrison. | High Mayhem

LIVE STREAM : Live Stream | High Mayhem

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Saturday November 16th - High Mayhem - Santa Fe NM - 7:30 PM - OOC

The premiere public performance by The Out of Context Electric Guitar Choir

INFO : Fall Series Night 3- Out of Context Guitar Choir, Angelo Harmsworth, the QT, The Starlit Mire, iNK oN pAPER | High Mayhem

LIVE STREAM : Live Stream | High Mayhem



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Monday December 2nd - Hertz Hall - UC Berkeley - 8:00 PM - Lec/Dem

  Friday December 6th - Hertz Hall - UC Berkeley - 8:00 PM - Concert

I will be doing a week long master class residency, teaching CONDUCTION to graduate and under grad students of Professor Myra Melford. The ensemble will be augmented by a few musicians from the community as well. The week will begin on Monday, with a lecture, demonstration (free), followed by 3 days of very intensive sessions culminating in a concert on Friday.

INFO :  Department of Music Calendar


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Saturday December 7th - CNMAT / 1750 ARCH - UCB - 8:00 PM - SoLoDiNo

Dino J.A. Deane - Realtime Compositions - Lapsteel Dulcimer, Samplr & Electronics 

INFO : Events | CNMAT

For more info on the LapSteel, Sampling and Dino check this link  http://www.guitarmoderne.com/artists/spotlight-instant-takemitsu

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***I'm going to leave you with my top 3 picks for coolest tech I've seen this year 


***NUMBER THREE : ZT AMPS   http://www.ztamplifiers.com/products/lunchbox.html

My good friend (sampling sorceress) CK Barlow, pulled my tail about these little wonders back in January and when I went out to New York in September for the FONT Festival Conduction, Brandon Ross, Tim Motzer and Miguel Frasconi were all using them in the ensemble.

The Following week when Instant Takemitsu performed, Dejha Ti let me use hers for the concerts. Tim and I each used a tube amp and a ZT in our rigs and the ZT's had no problem at all hangin with the Fenders. I was very impressed. Check them out.


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        The Amp Army - Backline for Instant Takemitsu - East Cost Tour - Fall 2013 

***Check out these bad boys in action - the 1st video on the INSTANT TAKEMITSU website

"Live from Philadelphia"   http://instanttakemitsu.com/


***NUMBER TWO : ZOOM MS 50G   http://jadeane.com/blog/mon-03252013-0929

Firmware update - with 45 new effects - free  http://www.zoom.co.jp/products/ms-50g/software/


***NUMBER ONE :  SAMPLR  http://jadeane.com/blog/mon-06172013-1523

11/3/13 - SAMPLR Version 1.3 released - major update - BRAVO MARCOS!


 until 2014 then.....safe travels my friends.....dino


*** Two audio clips - SoLoDiNo excerpt from 11-2-13 concert

OOC GUITAR CHOIR excerpt from 11-16-13 concert