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Traveling with Electronics : STOMPBOXFUTUREWORLD


    finding the balance.....knowing when to stop 



What is it about vibrating steel strings + tubes/transistors/diodes + speakers moving air  that creates such sonic sorcery!  Ever since Hendrix put a wah-wah & a fuzz in front of a marshall, string players have been on a tone-quest and there has never been a better time in the history of the stompbox to jump in. Winter Namm (the bi-annual gear lust party) has just finished and I thought that this month I would point out (IMHO), a few interesting pieces that look to be either trend indicators and/or travel-ready bargains as well as a couple of high end loopers from 2012 & 2013. All of these are very attractive and powerful tools for the sonic arsenal of todays pedal-board. To get some perspective on the point of view of Traveling with Electronics check this link :  



47 effects, 8 amps, up to 6 effects in a chain in any order, 50 pre-sets, the footprint of a single pedal, standard center negative AC (500ma), will run off a 1spot, Sounds Great - $99 - (WTF) 

Now, we step into the future of the stompbox ($150) with more of the above plus bluetooth and the ability to buy & download effects from the iOS consumption device of your choice directly into the unit. (these two pedals mark a shift in the evolution of the stompbox - released in 2012


Well look who's right behind in 2013 - Eventide - with a smallish unit ($500) that comes loaded with the most popular presets from the TIME - MOD - PITCH - SPACE - FACTOR PEDALS .....and of course you can buy, download and control any preset from any of the factors directly into the unit via bluetooth..... (are we seeing a trend yet?)


It is great to see pedals that are reflecting the reality of travel these days, with small footprint units stripped down to a simple yet powerful interface and feature set that lets you create rather than think. (5min loop time, SOS, undo/redo) - DITTO + MS50G = a nice little rig for $230 

On the high end - EHX - Updates their killer 2880 4 track looper with the 45000 - Biggest changes are a move to SDHC cards for storage (up to 32 gigs) and the ability to save up to 100 loops and access them via the optional foot controller (works with center negative 200ma AC)

From 2012 - another very flexible and musical take on looping - INFINITY LOOPER

If you favor delay-loopers over dedicated loopers be sure to check these two links :



All of this "digital modeling" is great and really helps in terms of travel and the need to do more with fewer pedals, but I still prefer old school hand wired analogue units for things like FUZZ - DISTORTION & OVERDRIVE. Like all things in life the key is finding the balance, so the trend on my board is to have the fewest multi-function pedals covering the widest possible sonic palette, and to that end, Mark over at BlackArts was kind enough to take his Killing RITUAL & PHARAOH Analogue Fuzz Circuits and wire them both in a single small footprint enclosure for me. BIG THANKS Mark! - check BlackArts out - 


Until next month travels.....dino