Traveling with Electronics : Meet the FluxCrew

I wanted to work with musicians who wanted

to explore the unknown.....Butch Morris 



Whenever I stand before an ensemble I am humbled by the wisdom of Conduction


a structure/content exchange imparting lessons in composition, sociology & qigong. 


I began my journey as a conductor when I moved to New Mexico and started a band, The Out of Context Conduction Ensemble (I had been working with Butch Morris for 12 years as a trombonist and live-sampler, in his groups) and for the next 15 years, once a month, we all went down the rabbit hole together. I will always be indebted to each of the gifted souls, good friends every one, who took a ride into the unknown. 

One year after moving to Colorado I formed a twelve piece ensemble, drawn from the diverse pool of musicians within the Denver / Boulder music scenes, to carry forward the legacy of Butch Morris and deepen my knowledge. The FluxCrew comes together monthly for the joy of composing in the moment via Conduction.


- Ensemble Music Created by Strong Individuals with Unique Points of View - 




Zhonghu                                                  Brian Mullins                          



Contra-Bass                                            Markus Hunt                           



Contra-Bass                                            Mathew Powelson                  



Cello                                                         Phil Norman                           



Bassoon                                                   Bruce Orr                                



Alto Saxophone and Flute                      Mark Harris                            



Bass Clarinet                                           Paul Mimlitsch                       



Theremin                                                  Victoria Lundy                       



Electric Guitar                                         Farrell Lowe                           



Electric Guitar                                         Todd Bilsborough                                  



Electric Piano and Organ                       Evan Mazunik                                         



Drums and Percussion                          Shawn Medeiros                                      


What is true for every Conduction ensemble is that the character of the group (as a whole), is revealed as each individual finds a way to unleash their unique personality in service to the music and the moment, which is where the magic begins.....wu wei. 


We recently gave our first public performance - one year into our explorations of the unknown - at The King Center, Metropolitan State University of Denver, as part of the IMMEDIATE MUSIC FESTIVAL - I'll leave you with two excerpts from that concert.


until next travels.....dino