Traveling with Electronics : Holy Sea : Orchestra della Toscana

Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris

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One of my favorite projects with the Maestro. Butch Conducting the Orchestra della Toscana, with Ricardo Fassi - Pianoforte, Otomo Yoshida - Turntables and Dino J.A. Deane - LiveSampling the Orchestra. Butch asked me to edit and sequence the three concerts, to create a double CD and to supervise the mastering. When HOLY SEA was released it was praised for both it's musical content and it's sound quality with DownBeat, Gramophone and Stereo Review magazines each awarding it five stars.

Ricardo Fassi                       Dino            Otomo Yoshida        Butch               Giuseppe Vigna

off to lunch the day after our performance of Holy Sea at Teatro Puccini Fiorence Italy 2/8/1996


After the performance a music critic burst into the dressing room demanding to "see the music"

that Butch had obviously forced all the musicians in The Orchestra della Toscana to memorize!


Here is disc one from the two volume set.....enjoy.....and safe travels.....dino