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Traveling with Electronics: Embracing the Chaos

Embrace or Deflect.....the only sane options

Nothing to Oppose

 The universe is always providing us with new opportunities to evolve during our time here on the planet, although these opportunities don't always appear to arrive in an orderly fashion. Or is it that we're just so preoccupied "making plans".....that the order of the universe just looks like chaos to us.

Well, the universe just presented me with the opportunity to expand into another realm of creativity over the next four months and nothing inspires like a deadline. I'll share more on the other side of the ride, right now.....I am embracing the chaos.



Changing the Game:

While I perform as a live-sampler on a laptop computer, I really don't like interfacing "physical" instruments like my lapsteel dulcimer with computers. I find the difference in the physicallity makes me hesitate as I approach the laptop. This is not an issue when I'm just playing laptop, but deffinately is if I try to use my laptop with my lapsteel (check out the July Blog "DISTORTION & DELAY" to get the hardware story). The possible exception to this might be the ipad but I'm still not convinced.

Last November I did some research into sampling and live-sampling apps for the ipad but the options were pretty limited and appeard to be aimed at more of a "music hobbiest" base. So I looked at small footprint hardware samplers (oh how the mighty have fallen). Pretty much the ONLY thing out there was (and still is) the Roland SP-404SX and that, as a sampler/effects unit has been dumbed down and limited so much that Roland should really be ashamed of themselves.

I got it - it does what it does well - it has a physicality that doesn't make you hesitate to smack it.....but geez, what is up with this race to the bottom with gear these days.

Fast-Forward almost a year and while there still isn't anything out there to bump the 404 off my table, the ipad world is really starting to open up into the "pro-music" arena. I first started noticing ipads on tours in 2010, mostly being used by FOH and Monitor engineers. They were using the TOUCHOSC app and using ipads as physical wireless controllers. I saw this trend pick up even more in 2011. Even in the duo I have with master percussionist Joseph Sabella (DJ DUO), he is playing Wavedrum and an ipad at all our shows now.

Here is a link to some recent DJ DUO activity.....check it!



Also, check out these 2 products, they both came out this year.....both ipad docking interfaces:



I think these are the tip of the ipadberg and over the next 12 months we will see allot more activity around the ipad (which has already proved to be a game changer for the computing world), in the pro-music arena, both in terms of serious applications and physical docking interfaces. If you haven't already, you might want to start keeping an eye on the ipad.....let the games begin.

Safe Travels.....dino