Traveling With Electronics : Book Release was like he had gone through the looking 

glass of conventional harmony & theory and


popped out the other side...mark weber 


March 2020 found me living in a field in the four corners,
a music monk of sorts in contemplative surrender, as
the entire world entered the phase of distance. 


This inner retreat, an interval from previous schedules
and norms of behavior, opened a safe space to articulate
my reflections on music and the sonic arts. 




The concepts and experiences I have shared in this book
did not come from a traditional academic music program,
but through a circuitous period of independent learning.


They are presented as an introduction to a more enigmatic
element of improvisation.

Becoming Music is now available
through my BANDCAMP artist site
along with these new releases.  


These solo compositions are all one take improvisations, 
created during the time I was writing Becoming Music. 
(July, August, September 2020) 
Performed & Recorded at SonicSanity
Mastered by Justin Kane at Innerspace Audio

Instruments: Minilogue XD - Reface CP - Infinity Looper
(tracks 1,3,4,6,8: iPad (aum, nave, galileo, thumbjam)  




Instruments: MPC-Live - MicroFreak - NanoKontrol - EQ2    



Plus the audio from my 20 minute set at

The Red Room in Your Room Concert 

The Red Room (in your room) - Live Stream - 1/28/21
Real Time Electronics - Insane Flying Buffer Monkey
instruments: Sensel Morph - SpaceCraft - MPC-Live 


VIDEO LINK (Insane Flying Buffer Monkey)


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INTERVIEW LINK (Zen Noir : Guitar Moderne)


VIDEO LINK (Dino Demonstrates the Conduction Lexicon)


until next time (inner) travels

...reflect, renew, wise...dino