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Further Adventures In The Moment.....

Wei Wu Wei 



Conducting, for me, is equal to the practice of spontaneous Qi Kung.  CONDUCTION - 

the system of real-time group composition developed by Butch Morris - is an elegant way to

manifest rich and multifaceted musical form, completely in the moment. The only choice that

I make as conductor is the first sign (ideogram) to give the ensemble. They interpret this sign

with a musical response, which then directs me to respond and an energetic feedback loop is

established. From that point on, the music flows through us, creating itself. After 15 years of

conducting what I know to be true is this - being centered in the moment works. Wei Wu Wei 


Conducting Students From the University of Agder @ PUNKT Festival - Norway 2011

(check out the story of this project here 

Conducting Students From The Creative Music Program @ Kimmel Center Philadelphia 2012 

(The wonderful bassist & educator Anthony Tidd runs the creative music program @ Kimmel) 


Conducting The Stone Ensemble - Monday March 26th, 2012 - (left to right)  

Jason Kao Hwang – violin, Tim Motzer – guitar, Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon

Miguel Frasconi – glass, Shelley Burgon – harp, (out of frame) Lisa Cay Miller - piano

Doug Wieselman - bass clarinet, Lisa Mezzacappa – bass, Stephanie Richards – trumpet

Anthony Tidd – bass, (out of frame)  Kenny Wollesen – drums & Brandon Ross – guitar

(hear an excerpt from the second set below - click play button at bottom of the page)

OUT OF CONTEXT - fall 2012 - pre-production tech session for STORM - (left to right)

Milton Villarrubia - sampler, CK Barlow - live-sampling, Paul Bossert, trombone

Bonnie Schmader - flutes, Ross Hamlin - guitar, Lee Reed - acting, John Flax - acting,

Carlos Santistevan - bass, Alicia Ultan - viola, Jon Baldwin - cornet,

Jefferson Voorhees - drums, Joseph Sabella - wave drum & synthesizer 

STORM - Opens The 2013 Revolutions International Theater Festival

January 19th & 20th @ The Rodey Theater on the campus of UNM Albuquerque

Revolutions International Theatre Festival

(short promo video of STORM below - click play button at bottom of page) 


perception and understanding have come to a stop.....

.....and spirit moves where it wants.....wei wu wei


traveling with electronics : cool tool alert


If you are not already hip to this very cool little

sonic swiss army knife, you should check it!




until next month then.....Happy New Year & Safe Travels.....dino