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Traveling With Electronics: Visiting the Back Catalog - Part Two 

This month I am sharing excerpts from - SoLoDiNo

Grand Cross Eclipse, Taiji Pole & Holy Sea 



SoLoDiNo (concert improvisations), was recorded at a house concert, held at the Turner Carroll Gallery in Santa Fe (1998) and at the Composers Symposium, in Keller Hall, at the University of New Mexico (1999). It was released on ZERX (020) in 1999. This excerpt is the opening section of a thirty-minute improvisation from the gallery performance called - SoLoDiNo. I am playing trombone/electronics.


Grand Cross Eclipse is a series of duets with drummer/percussionist Al Faaet. It was recorded in Santa Fe at Abiquiu Musicians Studio by Glann Harvitz, on the eve of the Grand Cross Eclipse in 1999. It was released on ZERX (024) in 2000. The piece I selected is called Cylindrical Vortices, with Al playing drums, and myself on trombone/electronics & standing waves.


Taiji Pole was recorded at two concerts in 2005. The first was Loud<Louder<Loudest v.3.0 @ High Mayhem Studios and the second was the High Mayhem Festival @ WiseFool. It was released through High Mayhem in 2006. This excerpt is the closing section of the L<L<L v.3.0 performance. This trio had a shelf life of about eighteen months and we had a session pretty much every week during that time. Carlos Santistevan - vertical bass, electronics, live-looping : Matt Deason - horizontal bass, electronics, live-looping : Dino - vertical flute, electronics, live-looping.



LISA AT THE HOLY SEA - Solo Sampler Performance @ The Stone NYC 3/3/06 - All Samples taken from the 2CD set "HOLY SEA" - Butch Morris Conducts - Orchestra della Toscana - Conductions 57 58 59 (2/8,9,10/1996). One of my all time favorite projects with Butch was Live-Sampling the Orchestra della Toscana during these three Conduction concerts in Italy and then getting to edit/master the recordings in 1998 to create the 2CD set called HOLY SEA (released in 1999). When Butch invited me to do two solo/duo nights at the Stone in 2006, during the month that he was curating, I decided to surprise him with a solo sampler remix piece using only samples that I had taken from the Holy Sea recordings, as we had once talked about doing a conduction where all of the players in the ensemble would be sampler players each using samples taken from recordings of previous conductions. Kind of a Meta Remix! "LISA AT THE HOLY SEA" (LiSa being the live-sampling software I use), was released in 2006 on Volume 24 of Mark Weber's wonderful compilation series called ALBUZERXQUE.


I truly hope you enjoy this visit to the back catalog - just click the play button on the videos below to listen.....check it!


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