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Traveling With Electronics: Visiting the Back Catalog - Part One 

This month I am sharing excerpts from

These Times, Nomad & HEX 



These Times was recorded in concert at the Institute of  Contemporary Art in Boston in 1988 and was released on ZERX (028) in 2000. I am playing trombone, electronics, sampler & multiple drum machines. Bill Frisell is playing guitar & live-looping and Terry Rolleri is playing guitar & live-looping. Bill and Terry had never played together but I had played with them both and was very exited to get them in this trio together. Terry was into a tuning strategy he called "sound tuning", where you tune each string independently and not to any particular reference pitch. After we played a bit at the sound-check, Terry went off to find an espresso and Bill put down his guitar, walked over to Terry's guitar and softly plucked each of the open strings, one at a time. He stood there for a moment and then turned to me and said "I have no idea what he is doing". The selection is called Conversation.



Nomad is volume one of a three volume set of music I created  with and for the dance pieces created by my partner Colleen Mulvihill. The recordings on Nomad came from work I did at our live/work loft, 9th street studios, in Jingle Town (Oakland 1993) and from sessions I did at my friend Cookie Marenco's OTR Studios in Belmont (1992). The piece, Standing Wave was created as part of an evening length work we did in Hong Kong for the City Contemporary Dance Company called SOLID LONGING. I am playing trombone, bass-flute, percussion, lap-steel, sampler and drum machine, with O-Lan Jones (distressed voice), Richard Horowitz - ney and Bruce Ackley - alto clarinet. Standing Wave was created at 9th street studios and released on NOMAD - VICTO (035) in 1995.


HEX was the first recording I made after moving to rural New Mexico and the bulk of the album was created in my home studio called RibShine as a remote project in 1996. I had Myra Melford (piano) and Joseph Sabella (percussion), both send me solo recordings that I pieced together (with my solo recordings), to form a virtual trio. The remainder of the project came from a duo that Myra and I did at Roulette in NYC in 1995 and from a trio session that we all had at OTR in 1997. The two, connected pieces I have selected are Redemption (dino playing trombone electronics from solo sessions I did in 1993 @ Gorilla Euphonics in Berkeley recorded by Myles Boisen), and Prayer (dino playing sampler, bass-flute, bells : Myra on piano : Joseph on taiko drum), all constructed @ RibShine from solo recordings. HEX was released on ZERX (044) in 2002.


I truly hope you enjoy this visit to the back catalog - just click the play button on the videos below to listen.....check it!

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