Traveling With Electronics : Play-Back or Play restrict the number

of possible values or states 



I've been a musician all of my life and early on (in the1970's) I embraced electronic music, but always from the point of view of a horn player. To be perfectly clear, from the reality of breath, the most fundamental aspect of human life.....and so for music. 

These are the days of the "Play-Back Artist", a time of quantized rhythm, quantized pitch & quantized risk. Is it a good thing or a bad thing or is it just what is happening at this point in time? One thing is for sure, it's the result of a profound influence that technology holds over every aspect of music creation & technology has no breath.

Here are a few ideas to help you put some breath in your tech : 

Turn technology into an instrument & learn how to play it 

is your rig a collection of things or a cohesive ensemble you are at one with 

Understand the power of limits : simplicity

option anxiety will derail creative momentum every time

Turn quantize off : embrace time in your body 

time doesn't need to be's there for you to ride 

Follow your breath not your mind 

create phrases lasting the length of a single breath

How to play well with others : support 

listen : use silence : play from your heart 

These are some of the things that I have learned over many years as an improvising artist (a composer of music in the moment) and the single most important lesson to remember is to be present : centered in the breath of each and every moment. 

Regardless of the instrument & independent of technical mastery these are the lessons ahead if you want to actually play music rather than play music back.


Links & Videos :  a dozen examples of how tecnology can be played in real-time


                       Tour        Review 

                                  Dino Live-Sampling in duo with Stephanie Richards                      


Dino Live-Sampling ASR10 : Orchestra Della Toscana 1996 : Butch Morris Conduction


CK Barlow Live-Sampling LiSa : Out of Context Ensemble : J.A. Deane Conduction 


CK & Dino Live-Sampling LiSa : Poet Lisa Gill, Drummer Joseph Sabella & each other


Dino & Joe : iPads & Wavedrums : forty years of sonic mayhem with a dear friend


Dino "jonglerie du son" : percussion with Jon Hassell & Farafina : back in the day


Live-Sampling demo of Looperverse : playing an MPC-Live as the sound source


Live-Sampling demo on the MPC-Live : playing a Reface CP as the sound source


Demo of the Infinity Looper : playing Samplr as the sound source


SOLODINO Live on the Radio 8/14/18 : SpaceCraft (midi mode - beta) : DinoBlog 8/18


SOLODINO Live on the Radio 8/14/18 : MPC-Live (finger drumming, live sequencing)


 SOLODINO Live on the Radio 8/14/18 :  Samplr / Reface CP / Infinite / Infinity Looper


    embrace the moment.....let yourself  go deeper.....remember to breathe    

safe travels.....dino