Traveling With Electronics : Sonic Sorcery the age of rectangles





These days, when someone asks me what instrument I play, I'm more inclined to say "I play sound design" and leave it at that. Regardless of the instruments I play or the musicians I conduct, composing has become more about sonic sorcery than sonata.

A major part of this has come through the practice of live-sampling in performance, and in the age of rectangles an iPad & Samplr is the most expressive way to do it! 


 Live-Sampling Rig : iConnect Audio 4+ interface : Akai MPK Mini keyboard


iPad Mini 2 : AUM : Quantiloop Pro : Samplr : Infinite : Beathawk : Discord4

iPad 2 : Samplr - on both iPads, samplr is on top being played from the screens - 

on the mini 2 everything else is running in the background & played from the MPK

The iCA4+ routes audio, midi & power everywhere. Each instance of Samplr has  6 active live-sampling slots and each slot has it's own independent gesture recorder.   4 app channels hosted in AUM are routed to 4 independent loopers in Quantiloop.

 4 instruments + 16 loopers + 1 keys-control-arpeggiator + 2 touch-screens  


This is the rig I played on the recent FULLMOON tour with Stephanie Richards 




Here's a video clip from our performance at National Sawdust in Brooklyn 5/19/18 

 Stephanie Richards : J.A. Deane : Qasim Naqvi, drums : Sofy Yuditskaya, video 



Sonic Sorcery in the Age of Rectangles : check out what is going on with iOS

developers have been turning a consumption device into potent musical instruments and the only thing slowing this innovation down is Apple itself - "oh boy more emojis!"

                               AudioKit Synth One - Open Source / Free                              



In the 1990's the Bay Area music, dance, theater & film scenes were thriving!


 At the time I was using my favorite hardware sampler the superb Ensoniq ASR10 and as it turned out I was not alone. Two truly individual composers, who I have the utmost respect for, Miguel Frasconi & Bob Ostertag (who were also living there at the time), both had a fascination for the ASR10. In January of 1995 I set up a show through Gino Robair who was hosting a creative music series in San Francisco. I'm going to leave you this month with a recording of that show - STMF : HOTEL UTAH 



I moved to Colorado in 2014 and for the past three years I have maintained a regular duo with guitarist Farrell Lowe. Here's a link to a performance we did at the Boulder Bandshell, 6/29/18. We have a very special trio performance this month on the 13th. 

    If you're in the Denver / Boulder vacinity   

 I hope you'll come out for this performance  

  Farrell Lowe / Ron Miles / J.A. Deane

Backchannel Group : Friday July 13th : 8pm : Trident : 940 Pearl St. Boulder


until next month travels.....dino