Traveling with Electronics : At The Risk Of Repeating Ourselves

hey kids.....

it's time to check out the latest in delay pedals




Since it's introduction in 2011, the Strymon TimeLine has pretty much set the bar for what a high end "do it all" delay pedal should be, so this month we are going to do some echo-location - check out some new units and see what the latest options are.  

STRYMON TIMELINE  - I had one on my board for awhile - check my review here

A couple of years later, both Eventide and Zoom introduced "do it all" units.

EVENTIDE H9 - Pretty much everything Eventide has ever made in one box.

ZOOM MS70-CDR - Quite a sonic powerhouse in a small and inexpensive box.


Lets see what has been put on the table in recent months.....shall we. 

BOSS DD-500 - Just introduced at summer NAMM 2015 and aimed directly at the TimeLine, the DD-500 looks to be quite formidable indeed. Unfortunately with this new release, Boss has discontinued the brilliant and truly one of a kind DD-20, but you can still snatch one up for next to nothing if you do some searching and act fast. 


PIGTRONIX ECHOLUTION 2 ULTRA PRO - Dave Koltai at Pigtronix introduces yet another heavy hitter delay but takes a very different approach with the user interface.


KORG SDD-3000 - Korg takes their classic rack mount digital delay unit, from way back in 1982, updates it for the 21st century and puts it into a large format pedal.


Closing out this look at the latest in delay technology (clearly the current trend is inserting "pitch shifting" into the delay line), we have two very unique offerings from another boutique builder - Red Panda Lab - the Raster delay and the Particle delay - and now for something completely different! - great pedals with a unique perspective.

RED PANDA RASTER - Not trying to be the do all delay - just crazy simple.

RED PANDA PARTICLE - Another crazy delay using a granular approach.


It would appear that there is no shortage of new options to repeat ourselves these days and sound quality has never been higher, or lower if you want it, but now you have the choice! There are plenty of reviews and videos out there on the inter-webs, of the new and all of the tried and true research is just a few clicks away.

As always, I hope that by sharing information about music technology, it will help you find the tools you need to realize your sonic visions - visions visions visions visions visions.


.....until next month then..... travels.....dino

***update 10/9***this just in Fugue Machine (talk about repeat)     .....BRILLIANCE!