Traveling With Electronics : Bang For The Buck


...the rise of the hybrids moves forward... 



Winter NAMM 2019 was when it began, the rise of the
hybrid synthesizer, and its been continuing forward.
We'll look at two that offer serious bang for the buck.


Under $300 : The MicroFreak is a no brainer! There's so
much going on with this backpack friendly shape-shifter
it's insane and Arturia keeps adding more features with
regular free updates. (you will need to wet it down some)



The next bump up adds a multi-digital oscillator to a true
analogue 4 voice synthesizer with multi-effects built in.

UNDER $700 : The Minilogue XD sounds gorgeous!
You find yourself...just stunned, mid session, thinking
"how can such a simple looking synth sound this good?"


One of the best sources for third party oscillators is

TIM SHOEBRIDGE and my favorite is his recreation

of the legenday PROPHET VS digital oscillator.

The combination of the VS, the analogue & the 
high-res multi-fx makes the XD quite attractive.


Here is another great tutorial by Anton Anru,
showing how much sophistication lies under
the surface of a simple 16 step sequencer. 


The tools we have today to explore sound

iPad app alert : ID700 : This is Special

I'm going to wrap it up with a couple reminders 


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until next (inner) travels...dino


(want a deep dive into the backstory?)