Traveling with Electronics : Time to Simplify


.....just take a mindful breath.....(repeat) 




in Conduction, there is a sign called EVENT and it means to play a musical phrase lasting the length of one breath. Now any good musician who plays a breath based instrument knows exactly what this means, but for players of non breath based instruments, further clarification is often needed when teaching this concept. 

One of the most fundamental techniques in meditation is to simply focus on your breathing, as a way to quiet the mind and slow the raging thought flood down a little.

It certainly doesn't get any more essential than breath : stop breathing...stop living. 

Yet mindfulness of breath takes practice and that is my technology tip for The 2016 :

Set the Intention to get some breath into your music and into your life and act on it.

Time To Simplify

take a mindful breath



safe travels.....dino