Traveling with Electronics : Basics's all in my favorite key!




I don't know about you, but after two months of Apple's iOS 8 hell and the big reminder that nothing in the digital domain has a shelf life, I am ready to ground myself and this months DinoBlog by taking another look back at some basics - but very quickly, I do want to hip you all to a cool little sketchpad app that just dropped - it's called AUXY and it's free.



* First up and it doesn't get any more basic than this - if you are going to travel with electronics, you simply need a sturdy box and a good packing strategy. If you please, let me pull your tail once more with a lesson in - Case Logic - Less is More. 


* Next up, it's about the box in which the magic resides - the gift that is music and a look into the realm of possibility and right action - Going Ancient School.


* Last up, a little musical humor - regarding the world around us.


Sometimes you simply have to step away from the noise and the empty hype, to get back to the center of things - the essence - back to a state of wonder and grace.



      I'm going to leave you this month with a selection from the archives      


    Without Desires                    LapSteel Dulcimer                Guitar                            Recording/Mix/Master    

#4 - Time Lasts (I Alone Drift) - 11:05 - (dig it below - download it here)



Until next month then,

Safe Travels.....dino