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 BETA TEST : a test of new or updated software

 conducted by users other than it's developers




I've been spending allot of my time in beta-land these days, between a couple of actual beta tests and a couple of editing projects. I find beta testing and editing have allot in common. In both you are looking for things that don't work (bugs), or things that just disrupt the flow of the experience - be it the experience of using an app, reading a text, or listening to a collection of compositions. I prefer editing because I can make the changes very quickly, while in beta-land there is always a lag in time, while you wait for the coders to implement change.

One of the beta tests I'm involved with I am doing for a very good friend, but I can't even talk about it yet as it is unreleased and all very hush hush. I can say that it will be coming from a company you already know and it's safe to say - it's going to get allot of attention. I will definately give you all a heads up when I can.


The other beta test I'm taking part in is already public. It's the massive update to the firmware in the absoultely killing Infinity looper!

 I have big respect for Dave Koltai, his company Pigtronix and his design partner Howard Davis (Mr. Davis designed at Electro-Harmonix from 1976 to 1981). The Infinity is without a doubt the most flexible and option rich looper that I have used to date <<<see my firstlook review here>>>  The only issue I have with this unit is the choice of a "micro usb" connection for data transfer. I just don't think that it's wise to put a micro connection of any kind on a device that is going to spend most of it's time on the floor. 

With the (in beta), update of the firmware the realtime functionality of the Infinity is pretty jaw-dropping - all controlled via 5 foot switches and an expression pedal - these guys push the envelope - move fast - and in my experience are very responsive to thier users - and that is quite refreshing.....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 



Butch & Dino - back in the day - 1986


Both the editing projects revolve around the late maestro Butch Morris & Conduction.

I am very much hard at work editing the lexicon of Conduction Directives (via skype with Daniela Veronesi in Italy), for the upcoming workbook on the Art of Conduction by Butch Morris.

It is always amazing to me how the act of articulating (for others), something that you know very well from direct experience, actually deepens your own understanding of the subject.

I have just completed the editing and final sequencing for the upcoming release of the OUT of CONTEXT GUITAR CHOIR studio recording project called ZEN NOIR.   you can see the backstory on the guitar choir here

Editing and manipulating recordings of sonic information (in the studio or on stage), and experiencing the composition that emerges from the process (music concrete actually - the origin of  what we call sampling today - dating back to the 1940's), is one of my favorite things on the planet. 



Well, that about wraps it all up from beta-land.

I'll leave you with this link

until next month then

safe travels.....dino