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When I moved to New York City in 1981 (with Indoor Life) I didn't know anyone on the music scene. One of the first musicians that I met and started playing with was Bill Horvitz who was a true master of the flat-lap-guitar style. We became friends and for roughly about fifteen years or so we created quite a bit of music together.

In the 1980's we played together In trio with vocalist Shelley Hirsch (1981) - in the Bill Horvitz Trio with Butch Morris on cornet (1984 to 1986) - and in 4 of Maestro Morris' Conduction Ensembles (#3 Goya Time, 1985 NYC - #11 Where Music Goes, 1988 San Francisco - #15 Where Music Goes II, 1989 NYC - #46 Verona, 1995 Italy). 

In the 1990's in the Bay Area we played together in two unique sextets - 3HAND (with Bruce Ackley, sax - Beth Custer, clarinet - Terry Rolleri, guitar - Joseph Sabella, drums - 1991 to 1992 Oakland) and JUMPCUT (with Terry Rolleri and Will Bernard, guitars - Joseph Sabella and Miguel Frasconi, samplers - 1994 San Francisco).


     It was always a joy to play in any ensemble that included Bill on guitar! 


Dino & Bill in the ROVA Pre-Echos Ensemble under the direction of Butch Morris (#11 1988) 


Sadly my friend Bill left the planet on January 15th 2017 to continue his journey on another plane. I wish to pay tribute today by sharing some of his music with you all.

Bill possessed a love and ability to create in a very wide range of musical style and sonic vocabulary as you will hear. The first selection is from an interview about the making of "The Long Walk" a suite for 17 musicians he composed after the passing of his brother Philip. The second is the previously mentioned Bill Horvitz Trio album.




                    Horvitz                                       Morris                                       Deane         


RIP my friend



When the new year begins there are always "best of" the previous year lists for just about anything you can imagine, so I'm going to chime in with my #1 APP for 2016. 

   AUM by Kymatica  "It really tied the room together"  (Check It)  


2017 begins with 2 intriguing sequencer based apps and a little bit of deja vu  


      TR-606 DRUMATIX                                                   TB-303 BASS LINE

Back in 1981 Roland brought out a clever and relatively inexpensive drum machine bass line sequencer duo which could be synced together to create an automated rhythm section. While the concept failed, each of the units went on to individually have great success, with the 303 coveted as the foundation of Acid House music.

It's no secret...I'm not a fan of 4-on-the-floor, but I mention the history to bring us to


TROUBLEMAKER a killer bass sequencer with a wonderful rhythmic sophistication

Check it out at Music App Blog (a great source of information for all things iOS)  




RESLICE an audio slicer combined with a 4 part sequencer and great multi-effects 

VirSyn has gone all in on iOS with an impressive line of very high quality synthesizer and audio processing applications worth owning (Addictive Pro being my fav synth). Have a look at ReSlice in another great review by John Walden at Music App Blog 

ReSlice & TroubleMaker are both LINK equipped so you can sync them together. Drop some percussion into ReSlice and you have got, a rhythm section in a box.


  A few months ago I reviewed the Zoom H6

In that review I looked back at all of the field recorders that I have used over the years to capture the audio I use to create compositions. When I got to the short lived DAT (Digital Audio Tape) format it got me thinking about that period of time and all the uproar the DAT created in the recording industry. Well recently I came across this interesting video about just that very topic called...The One DAT Got Away...enjoy.



                Coming in March : AUDIO LOG : 


until next month travels.....dino


Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill.

Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt.

Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench.

Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner.

Do your work, then step back.

The only path to serenity.