Traveling with Electronics : Ever Shrinking Ever Expanding


traveling today.....doing more with less



The very first things I look at when considering adding a new piece of gear to my rig are dimensions, followed by build quality and multitasking.....in other words can it deal with the reality of traveling today : CASE LOGIC : CARRY ON SIZE/WEIGHT

With airline restrictions getting tighter and tighter just one ounce can be the deciding factor when checking in with a carry on. Finding the essence of your rig is the key as you are faced with finding lighter, smaller gear that is both roadworthy & expressive.

The K-MIX by KMI has been getting allot of attention lately as a viable option



K-MIX : 8 input x 10 output Mixer with DSP / Audio Interface / usb Control Surface


                K-MIX is about 9 1/4" x 6 1/4 " x 2" and it has no moving parts



I did some recording with my good friend Stephanie Richards at UCSD not too long ago and the session is going to be released on vinyl in February, which will then be followed by some touring. I'm looking into using the K-MIX as the center of the rig. I will post an in depth touring rig update as plans progress and details begin to unfold.


    above : CPMC hall at UCSD where we recorded the Full Moon Sessions

  below : recently at my place getting ready to record a short teaser video


             dino - samplers / live-sampling         stephanie - trumpet / flugal horn


photography by Gil Selinger



There is no question that tablets are very expressive and very travel friendly, but for those of you out there who might still think that iOS apps are simply toys.....check it!


PPG INFINITE by Wolfgang Palm (the father of wavetable synthesis) : REVIEW




While we're on the subject of iPads, Apple is about to release iOS 11 so be sure to turn off automatic updates and wait until the dust has settled. Here is a list of new features that may have an affect on music creation :  iOS MUSIC PRODUCTION 

ALERT : iOS 11 drops on 9/19/17 : WARNING

***any app that hasn't been updated to 64bit will not function IN iOS 11***


The reality of travel today simply means that your backpack is going to get smaller and you'll have to fill it with a short list of expressive gear : light / robust / multi-use.


until next month.....safe travels.....dino


1994 : SUCHT / LUST (addiction & lust) : Deutsches Schauspielhaus 


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