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Traveling With Electronics : First Look Review : EHX SLAMMI

this thing tracks like a

stalker with a vendetta




Released in October 2013 (but really came into full view at winter NAMM 2014), the SLAMMI is the latest pedal in EHX's Next Step Series and in a word it's SLAMMIN!

It has just found a home, right at the top of my effects pedal chain because of it's sound - size - build - and functionality - a killer pedal that really delivers glitch free polyphonic pitch shifting with flawless tracking.....highly recommended. 

But first lets take a quick trip back through the history of digital pitch-shifters - no tape, no guitar synths, no octave units or ring mods and no plug-ins - just digital pitch-shifters. Here are some of the highlights on the journey from rack to floor.


lexicon varispeech - 1972

the first digital pitch-shifter


 eventide H910 - 1975 - the one that started it all

and introduced "glitch" into our vocabulary


AMS DMX 1580 - from the late 70's to the late 80's

the big dog of it's day - nothing could touch it


eventide H3000 - 1986

became legend in the 90's


boss PS-2 - 1987

and pitch-shifters hit the floor


digitech whammy - 1989

changed the game for guitar


throughought the 1990's

it was pretty much v2, v3

etc. - "refinements" from

boss - digitech - eventide


EHX POG - 2005

the first polyphonic pitch-shifter pedal



eventide pitchfactor - 2009 - polyphonic


morpheus bomber - 2011 - polyphonic


         digitech whammy 5 - 2011                                 eventide H9 - 2013                      

the current big dogs of pedal-board friendly polyphonic pitch shifting


well move over and make room for slammi 

EHX SLAMMI - 2013 - polyphonic 

small - solid - ultra smooth - AC or 9 volt battery -

tracks like a stalker with a vendetta - no coloration

glitch or artifacts even with polyphonic information -

pitch shift from liquid detune to 3 octaves up or down

(eleven settings) and add in any amount of dry signal.

 $143.75 street - slammi can hang with the big dogs!


Since there are no moving parts, the entire pedal moves,

so it is unlike any pedal you've experienced before, and

like any new technique, you have to practice to get fluid,

then you'll find, it's a very simple and expressive pedal.


The downside, which will be a deal breaker for some

is the fact that you just can't put the pedal anywhere

between the heal toe position and take your foot off it. 

so check the video - check it out - see what you think



Since this blog is about traveling with electronics in a TSA ruled reality (check out this early post on CASE LOGIC, I'm going to close out this month with some simple math, based on an ultra-compact 2 pedal combination idea. The MS50G together with the MS70CDR - Zoom's Multi-Stomp Series has moved the quality of their effects right up there with the big dogs.

travel friendly - big bang for buck - stereo tabletop rig

total effects 147 (cost per effect $1.49) total cost $220.00

6 effects per chain - 3 to 9 parameter controls per effect

each unit can store 50 (6 effect) chains

24bit 44.1 A2D and 32bit processing

power both units with a single 1spot

MS50G / MS70CDR - 39 duplicate effects

2 - dynamics

1 - filter

2 - sfx

12 - modulation fx

13 - delays

9 - reverbs

MS50G - 61 additional unique effects

8 - amps

6 - dynamics

11 - filters

4 - sfx

21 - drives

11 - modulation fx

MS70CDR - 47 additional unique effects

1 - filter

13 - modulation fx

13 - delays

20 - reverbs


add a ditto - drop it in your backpack - walk on the plane

Just a thought..........9" x 5"


next month we'll take a look at the Pigtronix Infinity Looper



until next month sure to check out my latest recording.....just released 

BLACK IRON TRIO : SANCTUARY  - High Resolution Downloads Available Now!

the downloads

the backstory

safe travels.....dino