Traveling with Electronics : Soft Focus Sampling

peripheral vision.....side vision; 

what is seen on the side by the eye when looking straight ahead 



Last month (TRANSPARENT TECHNOLOGY), we looked at creating an instrument for live-sampling that kept the tech out of the foreground. This month we are going to look at one way of keeping sampling on the periphery, while your focus is elsewhere. 


Live-Sampling is a "Big Picture" activity which requires you to be outside of yourself, in service to the ensemble, drawing on your knowledge of orchestration and musical form, exclusively on the instinctual level, while navigating the physicality of your rig! 


...of course your rig changes about every ten theres that to deal with 



HARDWARE : Ensoniq - EPS (EPS 16+, ASR10) 



SOFTWARE : LiSa & Live 



APPS : Samplr, ThumbJam, AudioBus, AUM


Finding the essence and then keeping it simple is the key to navigating the ever changing technological maze we all live in these days. Having a million options at this point in time is a given, but following that path puts you on the fast track to option anxiety and some illusion of perfection, second guessing your every move.    A million options simply means you have to set your own boundaries.....thats all.



SOFT FOCUS SAMPLING - H6 recorder - UCA202 audio i/o - iPad2 / Samplr 


When I am live-sampling a large ensemble there is always a mixer involved, giving me stereo audio from many sources. The most elaborate experience was with the orchestra on the HOLY SEA project. I was sent eight sub-mixes from the off stage recording mixer to my onstage mixer, to access the ensemble section by section.

When I am conducting, that activity becomes my primary focus and I must remain centered and present in every moment. In such a situation, a soft focus rig (see image above), is a wonderful way to keep live-sampling flowing on the periphery.

The H6 is directly in front of me recording the ensemble with an MS mic at 24bit 96k, capturing a very rich and detailed stereo field. I simply take the line out from the H6 into the UCA202 which passes the audio into the iPad (positioned to my left) and the Samplr app where I can capture and quickly set up loops as well as animated sample sequences for the ensemble to respond to - all in side vision. I can continue to keep my main focus on conducting while I facilitate orchestration via soft focus sampling.


my choices as conductor become the mix - creating the sound-fields I sample 




***UPDATE 11/30/16*** KORG iWAVESTATION *** third off intro price until 1/5/17


Korg has done an amazing job of porting a number of their legendary synths over to iOS and today they dropped the Wavestation. If you still need further convincing that the iOS platform is both serious and powerful, check out the is deep.



until next month.....

remember to find the essence and then keep it as simple as all things

safe travels.....dino