Traveling with Electronics : Coming Full Circle : Part 3


.....don't end up chasing your own tail



For the past three months I've been exploring the Akai MPC-Live and coming full circle - back to a hardware sampler in my performance rig  : PART 1 : PART 2 :      

During this period I have been trying to communicate with Akai about issues with the MPC but Akai's version of communication and support left me chasing my own tail.

The MPC is a deep and powerful sampler/sequencer that has been optimized for a particular stylistic workflow. It would be great if Akai could just widen their view a bit. 


   The MPC-Live is a very capable and expressive alternative to a laptop   

but in the twenty-nine years MPC's have been in existence they have always sucked at live-sampling. The MPC-Live has the potential to actually be good at it, with minimal effort from Akai, assuming that they finally want to embrace it.  



                                  SAMPLR                                    LOOPERVERSE

Fortunately, there are apps that can navigate the live-sampling domain with grace. 

SAMPLR simply sets the bar for touch screen interface but what is Looperverse? 



Remember the Electrix Pro Repeater : the story I'm about to unfold will fill you in. 


In early 2014 my good friend Peter Freeman asked me if I would beta test an app that he was designing (with the help of Cycling 74), which was inspired by the brilliant madness of the Electrix Pro Repeater. Being familiar with that unit I said lets do it. 

Things were moving very quickly and I was even dropping hints about the imminent release of something big, but situations change and development stalled which put beta testing on hold. It was a good year before I got word from Peter that the beta team was active again and Retronyms would be releasing the app. Through Peter's continued hard work & perseverance LOOPERVERSE was released in April 2017. 


- Advanced 16 track loop recorder 
- Time stretching and pitch shifting for scenes, tracks, and segments 
- Delay and reverb send effects 
- Built in mixer with pan, gain, mute, and solo 
- Advanced waveform editing
- Snap to grid or transient for extensive editing
- Advanced time signature support for every musical style
- Tap tempo 
- Stem export for DAWs 
- Reverse songs or musical segments in real time while recording or playing back 
- Extensive undo/redo
- Audio trigger record
- Play scene with keyboard
- IAA, Audiobus and Ableton Link support 
- MIDI and MIDI learn support 
- AudioCopy and AudioPaste support 


Now if you just want to lay down a two bar rhythm part and solo, the app will do it, but Peter's concept goes way beyond what has become the norm for live-looping as well as loop based composition. I created a quick video sketch to demonstrate how easily musical ideas can be captured, orchestrated and edited, all in real-time.....check it! 

I am playing an electric piano with a frequency shifter effect to create a gong like instrument from the MPC pads and from a Korg NanoKey (when my hand is off screen to the left). I am also using SAMPLR (ipad2) to play a couple of gong loops.

0:00 I start the 1st track recording in looperverse (ipad4)

1:13 I close the 1st track - sets loop length & starts recording on the 2nd track

1:26 to 2:20 I continue recording short parts in response to the 1st track

2:22 I bring in a loop on samplr

2:27 to 3:27 I chop, reorder, pitch-shift, reverse, edit and orchestrate my parts

3:38 to 4:34 I continue recording more parts (frequency shifter off at 4:14)

4:44 I bring in a loop on samplr 

4:56 I reset the loop point in samplr after hearing a double start

5:03 I start an edit, but double tap (select all), then reset & re-pitch my target

5:52 I begin muting tracks to close out the piece

6:22 I reverse the last segment and fade the piece out

Like Samplr before it Looperverse keeps everything you need on a single screen and uses the capability of the multi-touch environment to facilitate a truly fluid experience.


Check out the : LOOPERVERSE GUIDE : Then check out Looperverse yourself!



 THE FULL CIRCLE RIG  2017   (fits in a Pelican 1510 carry on & a small backpack)


The FluxCrew Live OnLine 8/1/17 : 7PM 

My Conduction ensemble will be performing live on-line 7:00 PM Mountain Time on Tuesday August 1st. We will also talk about The Art of Conduction the new book by Butch Morris. You can listen on-line to the live event or check it out later in the KGNU archives. Just click on the link : AfterFM KABARET

Dino J.A. Deane - conductor / live-sampling

Brian Mullins - tenor guitar

Bruce Orr - bassoon

Farrell Lowe - guitar / electronics

Gil Selinger - cello

Mark Harris - alto sax / flute

Markus Hunt - contrabass

Mathew Powelson - contrabass

Paul Mimlitsch - bass-clarinet

Phil Norman - cello

Todd Bilsborough - guitar / electronics

Victoria Lundy - theremin / electronics


until next month travels.....dino


this month a guitar choir, a guitar & dulcimer duo, and a bone & drums duo 

 ZEN NOIR (in memory of Butch Morris)

Guitars : Jeremy Bleich, Sean Buckley, Ross Hamlin, Alex Neville, Carlos Santistevan, Doug Wooldridge - Percussion : Joseph Sabella, Milton Villarrubia  


Dino - LapSteel Dulcimer : Ava Mendoza - Guitar : Blu Cube - Record/Mix/Master 


Dino - Trombone/Feedback : Al Faaet - Drums