Traveling With Electronics : Technology Has No Breath


technology has no breath.....but you do



For the last six months I've been neck deep in technology so to close out the year I thought it would be great to get back to the basics of being and just focus on breath.


a fundamental technique of meditation is to simply focus on your breathing

If you are using technology as a musical must create the breath. If you have experience with a breath based instrument already, the transition should be simple. If you don't, a breath based meditation practice would be the place to start.



Score for The Webster Cycles (for multiple wind instruments) Composed by Steve Peters


The final recording I made playing acoustic trombone was a multi-track realization of The Webster Cycles by Steve Peters in 1998. The piece is made up of all the words in the dictionary which contain only the letters A B C D E F G (the white keys on the piano). The words are presented in alphabetical order and the player, spells (plays) each word, using one breath for each word - it takes about 30 minutes to play it all.

The recording was made at the College of Santa Fe with Steve Peters and Steven M. Miller at the board. I did 8 complete takes and after the second take Steve would decide which tracks to play-back in my headphones. As the orchestration expanded with each track, there was a new monitor mix which never included all of the tracks. 

Being immersed in the score / scale / phrase of the piece for 8 complete takes (thats 4 hours), was at the same time quite the workout and a sublime meditation focusing on breath. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this piece. 

In the end Steve decided to use 6 tracks, to sculpt the final mix : CD : FILE 

A key element of using technology in music, from the point of view of the acoustic world, is mastering the art of breath based phrasing & the creation of sonic arcs.


until 2018 travels.....dino 


 listen and breathe as a meditation