Traveling with Electronics : Knobs : Mouse : Multi-touch 

hardware - software - application 

.....what's your pleasure? 





Personally I have always enjoyed working with hardware (synthesizers, samplers, drum machines), I've never enjoyed "mousing around", but I do enjoy multi-touch.


One thing that was made pretty clear at winter NAMM 2015, is the fact that there is a really big resurgence in the world of hardware synthesizers, especially modular units.

Activity in the world of music software for computers is more about version upgrades for well established programs, with the very interesting reversal that iOS applications are now being ported over to computer - NAVE - SUNRIZER - a clear indication of how much innovation is going on in the world of iOS application development.

Whatever your preference, the options available for creating electronic music these days are pretty amazing and you now have the potential to assemble a completely "personal instrument" using any combination of : hardware - software - application. 



....."the jig-saw jazz and the get-fresh flow.....where it's at!.....I got two tablets and a microphone".....Beck 


For a travel friendly performance rig there is no question that a tablet can provide plenty of expressive possibility in a very small footprint. A tablet can deliver on its own or be tricked out with audio & midi interfaces to further expand its potential and with that in mind, here are three very powerful apps that you should be aware of. 


BEATHAWK by UVIreviewvideo - fast and flexible workflow, stunning sound



ELASTIC DRUMS by Oliver Greschke - review - video - polyrhythmic drum synth


BORDERLANDS by Chris Carlson - review - video - pure multi-touch brilliance  


I dove into the world of iOS music production in 2012 and the two apps that really hooked me were BORDERLANDS and SAMPLR, because of their brilliant use of multi-touch gesture. Now SAMPLR is my first call instrument, but like many others I just couldn't use BORDERLANDS in performance. Well, it took Mr. Carlson three years to complete this upgrade, but BORDERLANDS is finally ready for prime time!



Joseph Sabella and I have a long history creating and performing improvised music together in duo and I'm going to leave you this month with an excerpt from a session we had over the last few days of March 2015. Performed and recorded in real time with no overdubs - Joe is playing an iPad and a wavedrum and I'm playing two iPads.


until next month travels.....dino