Traveling with Electronics : The March Project 2018

Double Vinyl.....Amsterdam




Last month's post was about Conduction and the emergence of form with a wonderful recording of the FLUX CREW, my Colorado Conduction Ensemble.

 This Month I'll be in Austin for the Liminal Sound Series, teaching Conduction to local musicians over a four day workshop period culminating in a concert. This will be my third time participating in the series which brings composers from around the world to work with local ensembles. You can find information here : INFO : and find the previous concerts here : 2015 : 2016 :

   This year I'm very excited to be working with musicians from the Contemporary Classical Collective DENSITY512 : INFO :

The March Project Chamber Ensemble : Flute - Kenzie Slottow, Francois Minaux : French Horn - Jacob Schnitzer, Ben Carroll : Saxophone - Nick McNamara, Elyse Vest : Bassoon - Nicholas P. Clark : Contra-Bass - Janie Cowan, Pablo Kennedy : Synthesizer - Mike St. Clair : Pedal Steel Guitar - Bob Hoffnar : Conductor - Dino  

 Musicians with a background in classical music understand the art of interpretation, so this has the potential to be a very good fit. As Butch stated many times....."I don't teach musicians how to improvise, I show musicians how to interpret the symbolic".



       cover of the new double vinyl release FOR LEENA (photo by Ringo Chan)      

 Lullabies for Insomniacs is a small label out of Amsterdam who are releasing a collection of compositions I created for my partner, dancer/choreographer Colleen Mulvihill. As well as the usual download options they are releasing an actual double vinyl album. FOR LEENA will be released on March 8th. Follow the links for more information about the release and for the backstory.

 Colleen & Dino      San Francisco 1986


      In action with HOW THEY MAKE HAWAIIAN MUSIC (Terry Rolleri & Neil Kaku)



BACKCHANNEL/GROUP : New Digital Release

Farrell Lowe - guitar, electronics : Evan Mazunik - keyboards : Dino - samplers



*** new & very cool ***  granular synth app 


until next month travels.....dino


 First up this month is a duo with a dear friend recorded 1/23/18 SUPERMOON ECLIPSE : Al Faaet playing gong & percussion : Dino playing sampler (tubular bells, celeste, lapsteel) & live-sampled gong.


 Another duo with another dear friend recorded 3/16/12 TIM & DINO LIVE WPRB :Tim Motzer playing guitar/electronics : Dino playing lapsteel-dulcimer/electronics : BACKSTORY :


 Plus a solo concert performance recorded 11/9/95 GHOST EDEN Live at Roulette : dino - trombone/electronics, sampler, shakuhachi